Prayer Shawl Ministry

If you know of someone in need, and you think a prayer shawl would comfort them in that need, please don’t hesitate to let us know who they are.  And don’t be afraid to ask for one yourself…

Here is the list of parishioners who have received a Prayer Shawl from the parish (thru 9/15/12):

Amstein, Linda     †Bolduc, Doody     Bolduc, Marion     Boutwell, Cecelia     †Bruno, Anita      Campbell, Mary      Chadwick, Prima     Clark, Cay Catherine     Cosimini, Ella     Coutu, Jean     Cusson, Christine     Cusson, Roland     Dandeneau, Henry      Dandeneau, Marion     Delaney, Bill     Delaney, Helen     Demers, Shirley     †Desmarais, Richard     Desmarais, Therese      Dube, Doris     Egan, Rita     Fischlein, Irene     †Foster, Bernice     Foster, Bill     Garland, Mary      Gelinas, Mary     †Gerry, Paulyne     Gilbert, Kevin     Grant, Stephen     Gritzner, Linda     Hale, Catherine      Hill, Dixie     Howson, Lois     Hyer, Trice     Jefferson, Shirley     Johnson, Carl      Johnson, Lucille     Kolinko, Ron     LaBelle, Abbie     Lanoue, Joan,     †Lively, Irene     McCloud, Marion     McGinn, Virginia      Mende, Shirley     Meyers, Bill     †Meyers, Vera     †Miller, Loretta     †Miller, Thelma     †Packard, Doug     Palmeri, Deborah     †Palmeri, Frances     †Patterson, Kathryn     Pollard, Rose     Purdy, Kay      Reagey, Kathy     Rice, Flora     †Roberts, Sheila     Russell, Ivis     Shea, Marilyn     Slowinski, Joseph     Slowinski, Bradley      Sonntag, Ray     †St.Pierre, Peg     Tatro, Donna     Tatro, Mary     Tetreault, Irene     Tetreault, John     †Thackeray, Bill      †Thibodeau, Henry     Thibodeau, Margaret     Ward, Marjorie     White, Alice     †White, Lawrence     Yager, Barbara     York, Mary     Zagrubski, Joanne