Register with the Parish

As Pastor of Saint Joseph Parish, I wish to welcome you as registered Parishioners. I invite you to celebrate your faith throughout the year in the various liturgies, social activities and services that we offer. I pray that you will grace us by attending Mass as often as your schedule permits, but at least every weekend and Holy Day.

We have a variety of programs and activities to meet the needs of people of all ages. The Pastoral Council works faithfully and persistently to coordinate all programs so that we may grow in love of God and in service to one another. The weekly parish bulletin contains a treasure trove of information about current and future events.

Financial support is very important for our parish to survive.  I encourage you to use the envelopes that will be sent to you shortly, or to use an electronic banking option. We recommend setting up a recurring bill payment through your local bank. If you choose that option, please let us know and we will stop your envelopes. This option provides stability for us when you can’t make it to Mass or when you are on vacation, etc.

We also need your creative spirit and participation. I hope you will become involved in our various functions and/or service projects (see the stewardship page of your registration form).

Our pastoral staff consists of myself, Deacon Tom Rabbitt and Director of Religious Education, Juanita Bousquet. Please feel free to call our office manager, Jim Kimberley, at 413-625-6405 if we can help you in any way. Remember, if you or someone dear to you is sick at home or in the hospital, please call us so we can visit them or add them to our prayer list.

Please fill out our parish registration form at the link below.  You can mail or email it to the rectory, or fill it out and drop if off in the collection plate during Mass.  You can even phone the information into the rectory, and I’ll fill the card out for you – we’re here to help!

parish-registration-form(MS Word -70kb)

Once again, welcome to Saint Joseph Parish and I pray that you will always feel at home here.

God bless,

Fr. Tony's Signature