Bells Restored

Our carillon has been restored to full operation, thanks to Joe & Chris Duffy of Church Specialties, LLC, who found a loose electrical connection.  Thanks to both of them for their quick work and for arriving on time!

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One Response to Bells Restored

  1. Felice Wolfzahn says:

    The neighbors of near by St Joesph’s church would like all your parishioners to know that there is a large contingent of neighbors, (at least 20 signed the letter given to the church) that feel invaded and intruded upon by the constant loud ringing of these bells. The meeting we had left many of us feeling dismissed by father Tony with the message that” you’ll get used to it!!” a promised 20% reduction of the sound has made little if no difference at all. It’s fine if you enjoy the bells, it’s another thing to have them hoisted on you 25 times a day and woken up by them on Sunday mornings with a long serenade of songs. We ask that you pull together as a community and respect your neighbors!!! Please lower the bells by at least 40% and reduce the ringing to 3 times a day. This is not a lot to ask. We have put up with it for many months now and it feels very bad to not get the respect that your neighbors deserve.

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