New Bell Dedicated & Blessed

At the 10:30a.m. Mass this past weekend, a wall-mounted, single brass hand-bell was dedicated and blessed by Father Tony in loving memory of Lucille B. Young. Jim (Dick) Young recently donated the funds for this memorial to his late wife of fifty-five years. The bell, which is used to signal the start of Mass, can be seen mounted at the foot of the choir loft stairs at St. Joseph Church (so Jim can think of her each time he ascends the stairs to sing in our choir). A memorial plaque marks the occasion. Thank you, Jim!


Jim Young rings the new hand-bell donated in memory of his wife, Lucille.

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One Response to New Bell Dedicated & Blessed

  1. Katherine says:

    What a wonderful addition to this parish and a fitting memorial to Jim’s wife… Made me smile. Thanks to Fr. Cullen honoring Jim’s contribution and for making this happen Another living memorial with significance.

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