Fr. Tony Updates

UPDATE #3 4/25/16 8:00PM Well, it’s moving day for Fr. Tony, but it didn’t quite turn out like he expected… just before being discharged from Mercy Medical Center, he learned that his insurance denied him his rehabilitation stay at Mary’s Meadow.  As a result, he had to come back to the rectory.  Not what he wanted or expected.  To put it in his vernacular — he is not a happy camper!  He hopes you will understand when he asks that you treat the next two weeks as though he is unavailable for visits or calls while he tries to rest.

UPDATE #2 4/22/16 9:45AM Father Jack called Fr. Tony again this morning after Mass and asked how he was doing. He seemed fine and in good spirits. He has been walking, but hasn’t made it as far as the smoking area — yet!  They have stopped his epidural. He also indicated that his move to Mary’s Meadow may be sooner than Monday, so if you are planning a visit this weekend, I highly recommend you call prior to make sure of his placement.

UPDATE #1: 4/21/16 8:45AM Father Jack and I spoke with Fr. Tony at Mercy Medical Center by phone just a few minutes ago and he seemed in good spirits and said that he was happy with the outcome of the surgery.  He informed us that the plan is to transfer him to Mary’s Meadow on Monday. He said he’d provide an written update to the parish next week.

I can’t tell you much at this point, but I do know that Fr. Tony had his surgery on Monday afternoon and spent the next day in ICU.  He was moved at some point on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning into a private room (#536) at Mercy Medical Center.  He has a phone, (413) 452-6136, but is still heavily sedated and would probably be sleeping much of the time.  It’s not recommended you call for a few days. I’ll try to keep everyone updated via this post as to his condition.

Father Roach visited him on Tuesday evening, but he was not sure Fr. Tony knew he was there. It is also not known if the doctors have discussed the outcome of his surgery with him at this point. We can only assume they have.

Updates to follow when new information becomes available.  Please continue to pray for his speedy recovery and return to the rectory.

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