Father Tony’s Medical Update

Father Tony’s Medical Update
January 2016

You are aware that I have only one kidney.

Major laparoscopic surgery was performed on September 29, 2015 to remedy a narrowing of the ureter attached to my kidney. This was not as successful as hoped. This necessitated the removal and replacement of another stent on November 11, 2015. Another procedure for the same reason (but more involved) was performed on December 8, 2015.

On February 9th, the stent will be removed and it is hoped that this will be the final surgery. If this proves not to be the case and a new stent is inserted, a serious discussion regarding the way forward will be arranged.

At the moment, thanks be to God, you realize that I am celebrating weekday Masses. This necessitated permission from my urologist/surgeon, my PCP and our Bishop. They were hesitant in giving permission but agreed on condition that if it proved too much for my energies that I should cease immediately.

All is well, through God’s graces and goodness. However, owing to low-levels of energy, I am unable to celebrate weekend Masses with you just yet – the sooner the better.

God is so good, so please continue your prayers for complete healing. February 9th is a most important day. Like myself, keep smiling and be positive.

God bless you, your families and prayer intentions.

Fr. Tony

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2 Responses to Father Tony’s Medical Update

  1. Katherine says:

    Our prayers are with you Father Tony today, tomorrow and always….There is no Resurrection without the cross and each of us takes up our own for many different reasons throughout our lives.. may your burden be lightened by our Good Lord soon. We miss you.
    Love and hugs. Katherine & Michael Walsh

  2. Andrew Davies says:

    Hope he is ok, please pass on my best wishes, I knew him for a long time when he was in wales.

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