Diocesan Spiritual Roots Survey Results

Raw data results from the diocesan survey on Catholic Faith conducted through Survey Monkey and as part of the Renewing Your Spiritual Roots evangelization effort have been published on the new Diocese of Springfield website, which you can view by clicking on the link.

No conclusions are yet offered (the Office of the Bishop is working on it), but the results are enlightening nevertheless.

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One Response to Diocesan Spiritual Roots Survey Results

  1. Katherine says:

    This survey had very interesting results and not unexpected given the geographical and liberal bent of persons in this part of the country. The noticeable support of certain hot button issues like abortion, birth control, celibacy for priests and divorced that run counter to Church teachings is consistent with the lack of adequate catechesis and pastoral outreach during the last thirty years. The catholic faithful between ages 50 – 75 were raised within a structured Church environment that literally gave way in the 60’s and 70’S. There were little mechanisms for follow-up catholic education after the majority of respondents between 50 and 75 years left high school. Church became just like any club that people attended devoid of a spiritual dimension and lacking the inculcated sacredness that earlier generations enjoyed and cherished. Church liturgies became theatrical events with emphasis of novelty at the expense of sacred presence and completely devoid of opportunities for quietude and interior reflection. The exit of males in the Church has been one with most dire ramifications. The infiltration of the gay mentality and “practices” in seminaries and the feminist orientation among religious has severely damage the Church within its own ranks. This may be one of the reasons for the mass exodus of religious and priest in the last forty years. Authentic religious order charisms which built and inspired many religious institutions were replaced by socialistic and new age ideologies.
    On a positive note the Church has had its eyes open in recent years and is beginning to face its own vulnerabilities. There has been a slight and gradual correction so to speak via a movement back to the basics of renewing authentic spirituality within liturgical, sacramental and social endeavors and this is going to bear fruit in the future. Many religious orders that place an emphasis on the sacrificial aspect of service within the context of an ordered and disciplined lifestyle are beginning to flourish. Younger men are beginning to respond to the renewed authenticity practiced among priests defend “life” and those which favor going out to the faithful and beyond with a sacrificial spirit.
    However, the latest threat to the Church’s standing as an authentic moral force in society is being waged once again within the Church itself. The movement to water down Church teachings is being championed by clergy and religious who quite honestly haven’t learned their lessons. A stubborn “political correctness” has reared its head in the guise of a compassionate and merciful license which calls for a disregard of certain fundamental tenants of the faith, particularly in the area of marriage. In this instance, pastoral education needs to be re-examined, renewed and purified.
    This is my initial response. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Katherine Walsh

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