Statement From Bishop Rozanski Concerning Release of the Movie, “Spotlight.”

My Dear Friends in Christ,

The release of the movie “Spotlight” has brought renewed attention to the painful experience of child abuse which occurred within our faith community. Although the movie highlights events in Boston, we know that every diocese, including our own, was impacted by this crisis and the violation of trust which lies at the center. I want to take this opportunity to reiterate how deeply sorry I am for the past failure of our Church to protect young people, I want to apologize personally to all victims of abuse and their family, friends and loved ones, and to assure you that we continue to pray for you and ask for forgiveness.

At the same time I want to re-commit the diocese to taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our young people, those entrusted to our care and ministry. I also want to urge in the strongest manner that if you know of someone, whom you have good reason to suspect may be the victim of abuse, to report it immediately to local law enforcement officials. if this is taking place within our faith community, I also ask that you call the diocesan confidential Abuse Reporting Hot-line toll-free number at 800-842-9055.

To learn more about our Child and Youth Protection services visit us online at

May God bless you,

Bishop Mitch

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