Furnace Install Complete At St. Joseph

The furnace replacement at St. Joseph began a couple of weeks ago when Doug Finn and his sons removed the cast iron furnace and hot water tank from the basement of the church.  This was no small feat as it was removed in one-piece, weighing almost 1900 lbs.

Our contractor, Tognarelli Heating & Cooling arrived last Tuesday in what I call “Truck Day” at the church.  With them, they brought our new Buderus Logano G215 boiler and 40 gal. PurePro hot water tank – along with about half-a-mile of copper piping and thousands of fittings!

Tognarelli arrives with the new boiler and hot water tank.

Tognarelli arrives with the new boiler and hot water tank.

Another 4 workers hauled the new boiler, which weighs about 800 lbs and is about half the size of the old H. B. Smith boiler, into it’s new home and began installation.

Getting to work.

Getting to work.

A new 5-zone manifold and all new copper piping was installed, as well as the new hot water tank.

New manifold installed.

New manifold installed.


Pieces parts…

The completed project!

The completed project!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project – from its inception in Parish Council and Finance meetings, to the fundraising, to the removal of the old furnace and finally we get to see the fruits of all that labor.  Hopefully we’ll also get to see a fuel oil savings of 25% or more come this winter!

The state boiler inspector was impressed by the quality and workmanship of the project.

We have yet to get the radiator in the baptistry area of the church electrically connected and attached to a thermostat.  Additionally, we want to install an auto-dialer that will contact the technician and two other people directly if there is ever a problem with this new boiler.

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