Thank You From DIAL/SELF Youth and Community Services (2/4)

You may remember we received $400 for the TotalGym donated by the Norris Foundation at our Tag Sale in 2012.  This letter is from our donation to DIAL/SELF of that money.

Dear Father Cullen:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and clients of DIAL/SELF Youth and Community Services, I want to thank you for your generous and unexpected donation of $400.  In these tough economic times, it’s donations such as these which help us to cover expenses not included in Federal and State contracts or private foundation grants.

As a retired teacher, I know firsthand the positive impact that the agency has had on area youth for the past 35 years.  Some of my former students have been or presently are clients of DIAL/SELF.  For some, it has been the safety net which has allowed them to obtain their high school diploma and/or go on to post-secondary education.  One of my students earned a degree in psychology and now works with special needs children.

We are so grateful for your contribution and thank all those involved in your Tag Sale Fundraising event.


Starr Pinkos

Board of Directors President

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