Busy as Beavers (Or Bees if You Prefer) (10/3)

The rectory was a very busy place again today as Brian Drummey showed up at 9am to start painting.  He began in the room formerly used by Fr. Paul to knit in, which is being turned into a reception room where confessions may also be heard.  Don’t worry, there are more rooms to be painted — you’re not too late to help out!

Shortly after Brian showed up, a group of ladies showed up to polish more than 20 pieces of silver service in the dining room.  Thanks to Marion Scott, Nancy Finn, Sharon LaBelle, Karen Dobosz and Pam Kelleher for their “elbow grease!”  The service looks great.

Next was Blue Sky and his workers at A Black Locust Connection.  They were busy thinning out the tree line behind the church at the request of our neighbor.  This will allow more light and will reduce leaf fall and ease mowing.  Plus, a couple of the trees were already leaning toward the roof of the church and would need to be taken down eventually.  The tree work is being paid for entirely by the neighbor.

And finally, Doug Finn showed up to test start the snow blower (yes, the SNOW blower) and make sure that was working, then stayed to clean up the workshop.

For everyone’s hard work… your Time and Talent… we thank you!!!


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