Pics From the Meet & Greet (8/19)

A meet & greet coffee hour was held after the Sunday Masses on August 19 to celebrate the arrival of Father Tony as our new parish priest.

Father begged the indulgence of parishioners to always state their names for the first six months so he could learn who everyone was.

Thanks once again to the members of the Family & Community Life Commission for putting on such a wonderful selection of pastries, breads, juices and coffee!


If you didn’t get a chance to meet Fr. Tony during the coffee hour, please stop by the rectory or perhaps after a Mass.  In his homily, he made a point of saying that “I am here for you [and your pastoral needs.]”

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2 Responses to Pics From the Meet & Greet (8/19)

  1. Marie Buffoni says:

    God has blessed you, by sending you a wonderful Priest, as Fr. Tony is one of the best. In his sense of humor you will always see the goodness and work of the Holy Spirit within.
    Fr. Tony has the greatest sense of humor, but knows when to be serious and help is always there, if needed. Fr. Tony has a gift of knowing what to say. I always remember him telling me how much time he had spent on his homily, and when it came time to say it, it was entirely different. He always said it was what the Holy Spirit wanted. At any rate, he gives the best homilies. You will all love him, as we did at St. Mary’s in Lee, MA

  2. Hi father tony Mary Owen and my self often talk of u about when u were our parish priest at st Philip Evans Cardiff and of the time me came 2 c u at st Mary’s in Mon and on our wish list is 2 come and c u in america which 1day we will iI hope u never no we mite get Rosie 2 come with us Well father I hope the years have been kind 2 u I think they have as yr meet and greet pics show x

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