Fr. Tony’s Bio (8/17)

A link to a brief bio for Fr. Tony was added to the homepage.  You can find the link (Bio) next to his name, or read it here.  I am still trying to get a picture for the home page, but we’ve been very busy with banking and other necessities this first week.  It is my wish to get a 2-3 minute introduction video done so our “snowbirds” and other out-of-area parishioners can get an introduction.

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One Response to Fr. Tony’s Bio (8/17)

  1. Leo Greene says:

    Dear Father Tony;

    I was visiting Shelbourne Falls this Sunday August 19th and enjoyed your Mass very much.

    I hope to visit Shelbourne Falls again and go to Holy Mass with you celebrating it. My Mother’s

    cousin, Ernest Pike, now almost ninety-two, lives locally come to find out is Episcopalian. How

    do ahyou figure…? Well we love him anyway. Seems as though the Episcopalians accept

    Women to be Reverends. Seems as though they are inclusive, anyway. Maybe we Catholics

    can learn from them. There must be a reason why the Great Scism took place one thousand years

    ago. It Seems as though under Henry VIII separated from Rome five hundred years ago giving

    legitemacy to women in today’s Church. I mean the Protestant Churches, not in Catholicism

    though. Seems as though you can look at the reconfiguration of Priests as being again,

    exclusionary leaving the women out of the heirarchy. I think the Protestants might be on to

    something. What do you say…?


    Leo Greene

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