Roast Pork Supper Fundraiser Results (2/24)

On Fat Tuesday, February 21, 2012, the parish celebrated Mardi Gras with a Roast Pork Supper w/Decadent Dessert and a Raffle.  The supper was held at the Trinity Church in Shelburne Falls.  We had about 65 guests and another dozen or so people in the kitchen, helping to put the supper on.  That was a welcome sight!  All in all, the attendance was down from last year, we suspect because of school vacation.  But, even so, we did well in our fundraising efforts.  The raffle garnered $189, and another $40 of pork loin was sold after the dinner.  We sold a million calories worth of very delicious desserts, and had a ton left over!  The gross for the evening came to $1,045.00.  Hugh will get us his expenses soon, and we’ll let you know the net amount then.  These funds will go to our building maintenance program.  Thanks to one and all for sharing an evening with us!  We had a great time, and hope you did too.

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