Masonry work at the Rectory (2/14)

As you may know, we’ve been on a “winterizing” kick these past few months.  We’ve had energy audits and inspections of all kinds, and one of those inspections was a masonry inspection in January.

We’ve known for many years that the work needed to be done because of the whistling in the cellar through the brick work every time the wind blew!  So, Bob Howson, our Maintenance Supervisor, contacted Charlie Marsh, a mason who lives in Conway, to look at the rectory.  He identified numerous, and significant, structural damage in load-bearing walls, columns and doorways (caused by the deterioration of the bricks) that needed to be fixed A.S.A.P.

He and his apprentice son, Joey, who is just 12-years old (Joey did the column work in the photo above), agreed to do the work for $1,500.  They got started right away, and have been working the past two weekends resetting bricks and re-pointing them wherever it was needed, which was pretty much throughout the entire space.

This work was necessary enough (the rectory isn’t exactly a new building), but was a priority because of the work that must now follow, to finish the job of air-sealing the basement.  This work will save us additional money on our energy bill.  

Charlie and Joey expect to finish their work this weekend.  Thank you for all of the hard work. Great job!

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