Tracking Father Roach… (11/22)

Father Roach wanted to apologize for not being able to conduct the Christ The King celebration of the Eucharist last Sunday on Chalice of Salvation.  The Baked Ziti & Meatball fundraiser required his presence.

He is off once again, galavanting around the globe for the holidays.  He departs on Wednesday, November 23 to spend Thanksgiving with his family before departing for Nairobi, Kenya this weekend.  From Nairobi, he will be going to England to spend Christmas with the Heider’s, and returning to the States on January 3, 2012.

Then, he’s off again for Jamaica with the Missionaries of the Poor on January 11, 2012, and won’t return until February 2, 2012.

Please pray for him as there is substantial violence taking place in Nairobi.

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One Response to Tracking Father Roach… (11/22)

  1. Fr. John A. Roach says:

    What a wonderful web page! Just a few corrections, I am presently at Ken and Cathy Heider’s apartment having enjoyed a lamb stew dinner last evening at an ancient pub here in Abingdon also having enjoyed a classic local brew. Today a lovely walk along the Thames viewing various water fowl and the crisp but somewhat chilly air with a brilliant sun. This afternoon Ken took us to Dorchester Abbey Chapel which, in its historic antiquity was very interesting at one time having been a cultural and religious center housing about a dozen Augustinian monks. Tonight, the Eucharist at 7 PM and then back home for English pizza and Salad. A good night’s sleep, I hope, will be a prelude to an early rising and trip to Heathrow about an hour away for my plane trip to Nairobi where I hope there will be some Brothers to meet me.I will be spending Christmas in Nairobi and, hopefully, will be returning to the States on January 4. I very much appreciate your prayers and I hope that all of you will have a fruitful Advent Season and a most glorious, joyous. and grace-filled Christmas. I will be remembering all of you in my African Prayers. Fr. Roach

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